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Teaming up with Armstrong Consulting provides you with over 100 years of combined experience, a reserve study report prepared by qualified Reserve Specialists, and an option for your reserve study to be accessible online at just a click away!

We offer reserve studies, construction management, maintenance programs, insurance appraisals and due diligence studies, in addition to making state-of-the-art ReservePro Online and facility maintenance FM Pro software available to all of our clients. This combination of experience and software offers superior asset management by formulating budgets to meet your facility’s maintenance and/or long-range capital expenditures over a 1 to 50 year time frame.

Armstrong Consulting, Inc. is a licensed, accredited, insured and well-respected national firm in the reserve study industry. Since our very creation, we have employed experienced designated reserve specialists, a registered architect, and a structural engineer to make certain that our clients receive the best possible service. Major property management companies, home owners, community associations, resorts, and private clubs alike will attest to the superior assistance that Armstrong Consulting, Inc. can provide to its clients in both the maintenance of their property value and the generation of a desired ambiance for their members.

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